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Transmission Repair Omaha

Transmission Repair OmahaIf you're driving a vehicle with an automatic transmission that is need of repair, you'll likely experience symptoms such as hesitant shifting while driving. While this may not seem like a major issue at first, it can quickly cause serious mechanical issues down the road.

If your vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission, you're more likely to experience problems with the clutch, which can and will cause serious wear and tear without professional transmission service.

Other mechanical parts such as the synchronizers or the gears themselves can cause issues. In some cases, it can be a combination of more than one issue, and inadequate diagnostics can cause you to pay more out-of-pocket costs down the road. That's why the AAMCO Transmission Service covers every major component from the engine to the final drive.

The AAMCO Transmission Scan Service will:

  • Check transmission fluid levels and clarity.
  • Check level and condition of differential and transfer case fluid.
  • Perform comprehensive road testing to identify problems in:
    • Initial engagements for each gear.
    • Drive range for each gear.
    • Upshift/downshift timing and quality.
    • Passing gear.
    • TCC engagement.
    • Neutral, park, and reverse gears.
    • General noise.
    • Engine vibration and idle.
    • 4x4/AWD performance.

In some cases, the transmission itself may not be the cause of drivability issues. That's why AAMCO master technicians will also examine the underbody of your vehicle for any possible causes of transmission trouble, including:

  • Shift and TV/detent linkages and cables
  • Vacuum connections
  • Harness connections
  • Ground connections
  • Mounts
  • Final drive
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-joints/CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket
  • Wiring


Even if our AAMCO master technicians don't locate the source of transmission problems during this initial check, they won't stop there. We maintain advanced computer diagnostic equipment to quickly and accurately troubleshoot your transmission inside and out.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics:

An on-board diagnostics system monitors all of the major components in vehicles built after-1996, and our AAMCO technicians have the expertise and equipment to scan trouble codes and identify internal issues with superior accuracy.

Almost any auto repair shop can run a scan and look up trouble codes, but only our master technicians can assess the results against the AAMCO technical database the most extensive source of transmission diagnostic information available anywhere.

Of course, car computers aren't infallible, and a false error code could lead you to pay hundreds of dollars for unnecessary parts and labor. To ensure that you only receive the repairs you need, our team of professionals will examine all related wiring, solenoids, and sensors to make sure that everything checks out.

With AAMCO of Omaha, we'll provide you with a detailed estimate of exactly what repairs you need before completing any work. Other competitors simply can't provide the same level of service or coverage, so why risk receiving an inaccurate estimate or inadequate repairs?

We know that your car is a valuable investment, that's why we've dedicated ourselves to providing superior transmission repair services for over 50 years. After performing extensive diagnostic scans, our master technicians will only use high-quality parts to help you get the most mileage out of an AAMCO rebuilt transmission.

You're not only paying for repairs from AAMCO Transmissions and Total Car Care of Omaha; you're also paying for superior protection from one of the most well-known names in auto repair. We're so confident in our work that we stand behind all of our services with a standard nationwide warranty. We even offer several extended coverage options to fit your individual needs.

Our thorough approach to transmission troubleshooting and diagnostics indicates only minor transmission problems in a majority of the customers we service. And when you do have to deal with major transmission issues, we cover the costs of towing and provide competitive financing upon credit approval. Just contact use today for more details about our services.

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